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Invest in Your Community

Did you now that if you stacked 1.3 billion pennies on top of each other it would reach 1,252 miles into the sky? That puts last week's announcement by Koch Industries in perspective.

Koch Industries has already operated one of North America's largest fertilizer plants in Enid for the past several years, but last week they gave final approval to a $1.3 billion investment in our community. This is one of the largest capital expenditures in the history of our state and for their company. We are very thankful for Koch's partnership with Enid.

Probably the best news from this announcement is the fact that they will now be able to switch from using potable water at their plant to using reuse water. This will free up almost 5 million gallons of water a day for Enid residents and businesses. When our area averages 12 million gallons of water a day in total usage, this is big news. Water drives our economic growth in Northwest Oklahoma, and the more of it we can free up for human and industry consumption, the stronger our future will look.

The challenge for Enid will be to manage the 1000 construction workers that will be in town during the project in addition to the 200 construction workers building the new wind farm out by Breckinridge and the 250 workers building the new canola plant just down the street. It is a great opportunity for us to sell products and services to these folks over the next few years and welcome them into our community.

All of this is happening as Sandridge, Chesapeake, and Devon continue to increase their investment in our region in the Mississippian Lime Oil Play and our local manufacturers add new lines of production. It is an exciting time in Enid and we would welcome anyone and everyone to come be a part of this growth.

With companies like these investing in our community, 1,252 miles will only be the start. For Enid right now, the sky is the limit.

Brent Kisling
Executive Director

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