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Teeny Tiny Town Summit – October 25 in Woodward

Join the Northwest Oklahoma Alliance for the 2nd Annual Teeny Tiny Town Summit! The summit will be filled with speakers that will equip you with ideas and solutions to take back and implement in your community.

Tuesday, October 25 at the Woodward Conference Center 

Registration fee: $50 includes conference t-shirt and lunch 


 For questions call  580-233-4232 or email info@nwoka.com 


Thank you to our sponsors


Pioneer Cellular 

Government Capital Corporation

Enid Regional Development Alliance 


About the Northwest Oklahoma Alliance

It would be nice if communities could be the same way they were twenty years ago, but nothing stays the same. Change can mean adversity and change can mean opportunity. Uniting into one regional organization provides an opportunity for constructive change.

Residents across Northwest Oklahoma recognized the need for an organization to work for the entire region instead of just focusing on certain areas. The Northwest Oklahoma Alliance is an organization designed to coordinate, consolidate, develop and promote regional resources. We provide a platform to unite Northwest Oklahoma.

Northwest Oklahoma exhibits symptoms of out-migration, an over qualified workforce, and a lower than average wage base. In order to find solutions to Northwest Oklahoma’s challenges, it will take the combined effort of our communities working as a unified body.

The NwOA is looking for business and community leaders to help create a vision for the region. It is imperative that decision makers have the opportunity to join forces with state agencies to develop an organization that is a central location of information for legislative issues, business recruitment, resource consolidation, and opportunities for economic growth. The NwOA has identified four industry sectors which are Agriculture/Tourism, Business/Industry, Education/Health Care, and Transportation/Utilities. The organization will work through these sectors to shape the future of our region.

We’re here to serve you.